Construction worker’s leg crushed in accident

A 55-year-old construction worker was seriously injured when a concrete reinforcement of a breakwater collapsed and slid on his leg along the Highway 58 in Sate, Kunigami Village, Oct. 8.  Typhoon Jelawat had caused the reinforcement to slip from its foundation, and a construction crew had been engaged in the repair work.

Nago Police investigating the accident say that the man had been engaged in removing dirt between the foundation and a part of the reinforcement, when the 12.8-ton reinforcement suddenly collapsed and crushed the man’s left leg.

The man was taken to a hospital by a helicopter and is receiving treatment, but he is conscious.

According to police, tens of curved concrete pieces are used for the breakwater at the site, but the reinforcement structure had slipped because of the effects of the typhoon, and the repair work to anchor the reinforcement to the foundation using cement was being carried out.

The man worked at the site with some colleagues, but his left leg under knee was caught between the foundation and the 4.8-tall and 2-meter wide reinforcement piece that suddenly collapsed.

11:21 15 Apr , 2024