Oct. 26 ~ Nov. 1


October has been busy and full of energy, but as November is about to begin, no sign of a low down is in the horizon, This weekend and you should pay close attention to your relationships. Do not forget to encourage your partner any way you can, as that brings you more room to formulate your own plans.



There could be some bad news or conflicts at your work that will tax your energy. There is a new direction to a better future, but your own attitude puts brakes on the development. There could be some nice partying going on this weekend, and although some are not on the same page with you, you should keep your style.



Past is past and your should stop wallowing in old grievances as the negative atmosphere surrounding you only pushes our friends further away. There is plenty for you to concentrate in the near future involving both you and those close to you. Work and responsibilities know no borders coming week.



Coming week could be very demanding especially concerning the closest of your friends. You should be careful not to exhaust yourself by taking too much of a burden on yourself. Instead, you should concentrate on improving your own circumstances, and taking all you can get from new opportunities coming to your way.



You have been under lucky stars for the most of October, and that is going to help you for weeks to come, although the sharpest edge will be gone because of some small obstacles. This is a good chance to find new contacts for your social networks, but there could be some strong differences of opinions ahead.



You should make this weekend the time to let loose. Enjoy your life to the fullest, sleep pate in the morning and do not avoid good food. Next week the pace is going to chance, so you should take all the pampering and love your partner can give, as only the best is good enough for you at this moment.



This weekend is going to provide you a chance to take a deep breath and relax. You have had an arduous time but now you should start seeing clearly where you are going with your life. Once you have picked the speed, it’s easy to maintain. Next week you can expect some romantic winds to blow your way.



This weekend and early next week you’d find yourself thinking deep. Is this what you have always wanted from your life. A good idea is to consult with your vast network of people you have made friends with. This is also a good time to immerse in serious discussions with your spouse or lover about the future.



There is plenty of energy, activity and ambition in your life, but if people around you don’t give you enough space to breath, your firm grip of your ongoing task loosens easily leading to frustration. Avoid taking any risks before the end of the month as the planets could invite you to taka on more than your powers can afford.



Capricorns are entering a delicate period. They can get really emotional especially if they see a romantic movie or hear a moving story. Those who are born in December can expect to collect the reward of their disciplined life style and long time efforts. A wise decision must be made during nest week.



Circumstances set limitations to you, and that does not seem reasonable. Luckily you have tool to solve the problem, and the situation is not as bad as you first thought. There is a real danger, though, that people misunderstand your intentions. Do no put your trust into our good luck and fortune, either.



Good ideas and long-time plans are going to have a little setback next week, and that can cause you bad feelings. Talking everything through could bring relief for a moment, but it is not going to resolve the basic situation. If you concentrate solely on your job, you may miss what’s going on in your back.

01:22 26 Jun , 2024