New Tea Awamori being introduced this weekend

Zuisen Shuzo, an awamori distilling company, is introducing a new Awamori liquor using Okinawan Earl Gray tea leaves as an ingredient during the Okinawa Industrial Fair.

The new awamori, Yoi-no Koucha, goes on sale tomorrow.  The new 12% alcohol beverage will be sold in 500ml bottles for ¥1,260.  The company says this is the first time in Okinawa that anyone’s developed an awamori made from local Okinawan tea leaves.

Zuisen Shuzo says the new drink features the sweetness and fragrance of tea, so it can be enjoyed in various ways, including on-the-rocks that brings out the best in its defined aroma, or mixed with apple juice as a cocktail base.  It can also be mixed with hot milk.

19:53 16 Apr , 2024