Okinawa Assembly declares there’s “burning resentment” over rape

Okinawa’s Prefectural Assembly has unanimously adopted a resolution voicing “burning resentment” against the United States and Tokyo for the rape of an Okinawan woman last week.

“Preventive measures and instructions to servicemen have become no longer functional,” the resolution says, noting that 5,747 crimes have been committed by U.S. military personnel since Okinawa was returned to Japanese control in 1972.  It called the incident, which came only weeks after the MV-22 Osprey aircraft was deployed to Okinawa over the protests of local citizens, a situation that “goes far beyond our patience and has prompted the residents here to raise voices to seek complete removal of U.S. bases in Okinawa.”

The resolution seeks strict punishment of the two sailors who allegedly raped the young woman in the early hours of October 16th.  It also demands revisions to the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement.   The chairman of the Assembly, Masaharu Kina, says “our rage is indescribable, as the alleged incident took place at a time when the level of local mistrust of the U.S. military and the central government has been increased by the deployment of the Osprey transport aircraft, which is known for its track record of fatal accidents.”

The Assembly is visiting Japan’s Okinawa Defense Bureau and the American Consulate Naha to voice their displeasure, and say they’ll also contact Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s office, the Foreign Ministry and the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

  • Ernest Molina

    Ive always been sickened by the actions of my former “brothers” when I was stationed there. I love Okinawa. Part of my heart will always consider it home. I just hope one day the Okinawan people can see past the disgusting, monstrous axctions of a disturbed few and see that most are not as bad as the few make them look. I cant begin to understand the burden carried by all Okinawans between the number of bases there and actions like these. I justa sk to see the good in those who truly enjoy the island life and hospitality shown by your people, and those like me who miss the wonderful friends and experiences that can only occur in Okinawa. Me and my fiance…who is Japanese.. plan on visiting and planning our honeymoon in Okinawa and make many wonderful memories and catch up with old friends. To those who disturb the serenity of this wonderful place. Remember the oath you took and the values you are supposed to uphold. You are not truly soldiers or marines….you are monsters and children who do not understand commitment or deserve to wear the uniform and ahve tarnished the trust of the Japanese people who are truly among the best, most kind people in the world if you would only take the time to learn about them and truly befriend them.

    • Joseph Cool

      Did I miss something? DId they already hold the trial and find these two guilty? Slow your roll Mr. Molina. Also, be careful who you call monsters, I suggest you get back into your history books before continuing your quest of righteousness.

      • Ernest Molina

        Quick google search shows facts buddy. Would you like to have a 12 year old daughter gangraped by three service members? Hell one of em got out then a few years back raped and killed a girl in the states then killed himself. Research is a great thing. Oh and I was there for a while myself. I’ve seen stupidity first hand. Also these two admitted to it. Case closed. Glad they banned drinking. Serves em right

  • dr_bugsy

    I would be more sympathetic except for the fact that back in the 1990’s, when another incident like this occurred, the Japanese completely ignore a concurrent case of two main-landers raping and killing an Okinawan girl. All you heard about was the military related case.

    • jwtn

      Do you know that Japanese and Okinawans are 2 completely different races.

16:26 15 Jun , 2024