Peeping camera found in Kadena Michi-no Eki bathroom

leaning staff at Kadena Michi-no Eki just outside KAB fence in Yara district of Kadena Town discovered a miniature camera that had been used to film people using a bathroom on the fourth floor observation deck on Oct. 11.

According to workers in the facility, cleaners completing their morning chores found a round object in the bathroom.  Both men and women use the fourth-floor bathroom. The cleaning staff said someone had placed the object on a washstand. The staff said that they first thought that the object was a fire alarm, but a closer inspection revealed it to contain a miniature video camera.

The staff reported their find to Kadena Police who came to collect the item later the same day. Investigators say that they found a total of five minutes of images of some 33 persons in the footage.  They added that only heads of the persons, both male and female using the bathroom, were visible. Police suspect that someone broke into the facility in the night-time and installed the device in the ceiling disguised as a fire alarm.

Kadena police is investigating the incident as a suspected breaking into a building.

02:25 22 May , 2024