Specialty hotel to open in Izumizaki

Specialty hotel to open in Izumizaki

A new low cost hotel catering to women and long stay groups on Okinawa will open in Naha City’s Izumizaki district next summer.

Hotel operating company Kariyushi announced this week it will develop the new business hotel with a daily room cost of ¥3,600.  The Kariyushi LCH is expected to open in August.   Ultimately, the operators say, they hope to expand their concept to the Japanese mainland and to international franchises.

The rooms are being designed differently from other hotels, making higher ceilings and bringing out the best in space utilization.  A convenience store on the first floor of the hotel and a couple of other stores will assist in cost reductions.  Reservations will be accomplished by internet.

Work on the six-story building with 95 guest rooms will begin next month. Rooms will be seven square meters and four meters high.

21:18 24 Jun , 2024