Surfers set for Sunday Itoman Mayor’s Cup

Surfers are gathering for Itoman Mayor’s Cup competition at Komesu coast where the surf should be good this weekend due to recent typhoon Prapiroon.

Suicide Cliff Point in Itoman City is the venue Sunday for the 11th Itoman Mayor’s Cup Surfing Contest.

The event at the Komesu sea coast is attracting plenty of attention as surfing becomes a more popular sport, largely because it’s easy to watch at a good many Okinawa locations.  It’s now a parent-child sport, with plenty of surfer families taking to the waves, and some professional surfers are Okinawan and attracting media attention around the world.

Organizers say surfing’s popularity isn’t without its problems, though, as more surfers mean more injuries because some aren’t so careful.  The reef surf break point is more dangerous that beach surf break points in mainland Japan, leading to potentially more serious injuries.  Surfing instructors are encouraging more training on the dangers of Okinawa waters.

The Okinawa surf rider confederation is holding surf contests to let surfers know what’s happening in Okinawa.  They’re teaching surfers how great the Okinawa ocean environment is, while promoting the rules and manners expected of surfers.  Always foremost,  says the confederation, is promotion of skills and safety.

10:50 18 Jul , 2024