Two sailors arrested for allegedly raping woman

Two U.S. sailors have been arrested in Okinawa on suspicion of raping a Japanese woman in her 20s.

Okinawa Police are withholding many details for the moment, but say the rape took place in the central Okinawa area. The sailors were identified as Able Seaman Christopher Browning, 23, and Third Petty Officer Skyler Dozierwalker, 23, both of whom are from the Fort Worth Naval Air Base in Texas.

The pair are charged with allegedly raping and injuring the woman early Tuesday morning, the police said. According to the Prefectural Police, Dozierwalker has admitted to the rape while Browning denies the allegations.

Investigators say that the two approached the woman when she was walking home between 3:30 and 4:20 a.m. One of the men is said to have approached to woman and talked her in Japanese. As she ignored the men and walked away, the two allegedly attacked her from behind, dragged her into an alley and raped her. They also caused her some injuries on her neck.

A person related to the victim called the police shortly after the incident, and based on the information, police found the two in an off-base hotel where they were staying.

The two supposedly came to Okinawa two days ago on official duties, and were scheduled to continue to Guam on the 16th.  Both say that they had been drinking alcohol earlier on the day.

The incident is already causing a stir.  Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima, who is currently in Tokyo, plans to lodge a protest with U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos today. Parliamentary Senior Vice Foreign Minister Shuji Kira phoned Roos immediately after the news broke, expressing strong regret over the incident. Roos answered that the U.S. takes the incident seriously and will cooperate fully with the investigation.

  • Guest

    This is why we can’t enjoy our time in Japan. I bet if these 2 were dragged through the streets and shot then maybe others would wake up and realize that this is a crime and won’t be tolerated. How do the parents of these 2 men feel? How did they raise them?

    • Richie Winfrey

      Some of us have to live here for the rest of oury lives. Sometimes I am ashamed of being American. People like this are fucking it up for us. I hpoe the JP’s throw the book at em!!!

  • Okinawa Resident

    I agree. Their punishment needs to be severe. It’s too bad we don’t live in an “eye for an eye” society. I don’t believe they deserve to be murdered but, made victims of the same crime and publicly humiliated…. Their parents aren’t really to blame. Good home or bad, they make their own decisions. Everyone seems to think “I was drunk” is a valid excuse for their ignorance. That just proves you’re an idiot! I am NEVER ashamed of being American. I could really care less what anyone thinks of me because of the fact I am American (or for any reason really). That proves they are idiots too! As long as I know that I do the right thing all of the time, I can live with it. I know I am not part of that “10%” statistic. Will the punishment fit the crime? I doubt it. We live in a “soft” society where criminals have more rights than anyone and you can’t even slap anyone on the wrist without being called a bully. I have lost all hope. Is it 21 December yet? (j/k)

  • Ken Harper

    Now the Navy will do their best to put the blame on the victim. Yea, it’s the woman’s fault, how could two sailors from the United States Navy do this? These two sailors have flawless records. They both use to sing in the choir at their church, before they joined the na

    • Carmen Taira

      Rape is rape and they made the decision to sexaully assault a local citizen.

  • Jason Gomez

    Very sad for this you g lady. Glad they were caught before heading into Guam and making more victims. They were here only a few days and committed this crime I think they should have a public beating on gate 2 street. All this before they go to prison with criminals who are worse than they. At the same time, she wouldn’t have been a victim if she weren’t out at those hours, especially by herself. Also, I wish they would also publish when an American is raped at the hands of a local okinawan. It happened not to long ago but no protest then. Maybe then people would see its not just Americans that are capable of these crimes.

    • Ken Harper

      Investigators should look in their past visits to other cities that these two were at, they many be repeat offenders. Could be this is the first time they have been caught.

  • Ken Harper

    One sailor has already confessed/ or cut a deal to get a lighter sentance for himself.

  • Ernest Molina

    REALLY?????? She shouldnt have been out that late??? People are always out late in Okinawa…IN JAPAN PERIOD!!! If these poor excuse of human beings had followed regs…THEY SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN OUT AT THAT TIME!!!!! Throw the damn books at em!!!!!! Let em rot!!! Get someone to rape them

    • Jason Gomez

      I didn’t say she shouldn’t have been out that late. I said she wouldn’t have been a victim if she wasn’t out at that time. Answer me this, if you are out anywhere at that time what good are you doing? If its having a good time at 3am then she should have had someone with her. I bet she’s thinking that now too! Unfortunately not only Americans rape. Yet you are right they shouldn’t have been out and they should be punished. Severely!

      • Carmen Taira

        Japan cities are active 24 hours, people works on day time and night time. This is especially in Naha the traffic is the same 24 hours a day. It is traditional for people that works night to greet co-workers “ohayo” (good morning) when arriving at work becuase it is considered their morning. We always feel safe in Okinawa, that we feel comfortable travelling or walking alone. Just because someone is walking alone on the early morning gives the 2 Americans the right to rape her.

        • Jason Gomez

          What? Who said they had the right? That’s stupid! No one has the right to hurt another human being or even an animal. Also, learn Japanese or at least get a Japanese friend. You will find you are not safe to walk around here. Crime is high here. Especially among children.

          • Okinawa Resident

            You are an idiot.

  • Twosons

    I am half American and Okinawan, I have grew up with both cultures. This is a horrible incident. The two sailors when proven guilty should serve time in Okinawan Prison FIRST and when that sentence is over, they should serve their sentence again in a American Prison.(NO PAROLE) Suffice to say, they will understand that WHAT THEY DID was a CRIME.

    • Ken Harper

      Twosons, if you were born on Feb. 14,1980, we might be related !

  • Michael Shade

    I was station in Okinawa six years ago. You can not judge this situation just yet. Okinawan people in the whole do not like American presence there. They protest all the time about that. I was Military Police officer and I had to respond to incident that would involve the local police force. 9 times out of 10 they sided with their own no matter what happened. Japanese police will fine Yankee plate car first for doing same thing as a kanji plate car. The whole situation there is designed to make foreigners stick out there, so Okinawan govt. can get more money from Mainland for having to deal with so many foreigners/military in such a small area. I live in Mainland now and the treatment here is completely opposite of Okinawa. I personally can not recall a rape charge in Mainland in the past 4 years, but I remember 2-3 being in the paper and getting briefed about it while i was in Okinawa. Another thing two guys raped her right? Yet they have no scratches on them. They dragged her into an alley and she only suffered injuries to her neck. Which is probably hickey marks. Something just don’t sound right here.

    • Ernest Molina

      just left there and yeah we are treated different because most service members are idiots…..95? 3 guys rape a 12 year old. We arent as innocent as you say and one of them already admitted to the rape in this case. Yes some things are blown out of proportion, but then again its thee country and they have gone through a lot of crap with service members over the years including numerous rapes, assaults, break ins drunk driving incidents etc. Maybe if service members remember the oath they took and their values they are supposed to uphold and act like good ambassadors they wouldnt hate us being there. I heard stories from my grandpa about Okinawans used to love us being there….we screwed that up…not them

  • Crime Fighter


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