AEON to sell own brand Beaujolais

Aeon Ryukyu will sell Beaujolais Nouveau starting the first day of the wine’s release date Nov. 15 at the five branches of its AEON department stores and 26 branches of MaxValue supermarkets.

This year, they release “Beaujolais Village Nouveau” as Aeon’s private brand, as one of their line of merchandize called “TopValu” products. 31 branches of Aeon outlets in Okinawa will deal with the Beaujolais Village Nouveau wine.

According to Aeon, this is the first time in Japan that Beaujolais Nouveau has been expanded to include a private brand.

The price of one 750 ml bottle is ¥980.

The wine is not only fresh and fruity taste, but also is said to have a mature aftertaste, so it is characterized as being one rank higher quality.

17:41 17 Apr , 2024