Nov. 16 ~ 22

Nov. 16 ~ 22


Planet Saturn is causing you to easily forget, stumble and go blank, and that’s why you should concentrate carefully on your work. Those challenges could also affect your romantic relationship. Too much work, too little sleep and stress is not a good combination, and finding the balance takes patience.



This weekend and the beginning of next week promises to be quite uneventful, although next week could bring money matters to the fore. Those who are born close to the end of April, can expect to earn kudos for their work well done, and also enjoy their life smiling at them on many fronts.



There are now many kinds of expectations and pressures on you to bear. Changes at your work or in the circumstances of life among those close to you will keep you busy, and your tolerance of stress will be tested because of changing schedules. However, busy social life helps to energize your evenings.



Many possibilities are about to open up at your work, and your relentless toiling is at last creating some good results. Getting ahead also creates confidence. Although your love life is experiencing a rather quiet period just now, things are going to get into groove towards the end of the month.



Your life is definitely speeding up, and money does not burn holes in your pockets. Even if your working harder than ever does not seem to be enough, as there’s always someone who finds a reason to criticize. If you’re planning to buy something major, you should think twice to make sure your investment is rewarded.



This weekend promises to be an emotional period, and you feel a need of empathy from those around you. Small challenges of everyday life seem to become a serious challenge, and you should make a second plan just in case. The extra work you have to do is actually not your fault, but caused by a weak ling in your team.



You have really earned a break. The desire to throw yourself on a sofa and lift you feet on the table is dominant, and craving for good food or companionship adds to the soup. Romantic feelings reach their peak over the weekend, and a busy social calendar brings welcome breaks to your everyday routines.



You should prepare yourself mentally and physically to show what you are made of, although showing off all the skills you have acquired over the years takes courage. You can expect an invitation to a party where old friends bring up warm memories. You also have to sharpen up at your work.



Although your hectic schedule stretches through the weekend, you can expect the situation to calm down by the 20th. Hot passions and strong feelings are in the air, and your erotic side is awakening. If your schedules change, or someone does not keep a promise, remember that it’s does not mean the end of the world.



You should take a deep breath before plunging into the last big effort that you have to face within this year. You have many responsibilities that will take their toll on your romance and other social life, but there’s not much you can do about it now. Closer to the end of the year is a different story.



You are asking yourself big questions regarding your relationships, the very path of your life or whether you have the energy to go on as usual. You have to decide whether some deep cuts are needed. However, you can also look forward to many merry year-end parties and get togethers with your friends.



The planets are not positively aligned, so it’s better to avoid problematic personal relationships and stressful situations. Romantic expectations are not going to become reality yet this weekend, but your time comes a little later. Just make sure that anything you do, your are clearly understood.

00:44 21 May , 2024