Ogimi business park to get first two tenants

Officials at Ogimi Village announced Nov. 3 that two enterprises have agreed to lease space at the new Ogimi Village Business Promotion Park at Yui no Hama in Shioya district.  The site is on reclaimed land by Shioya bay.

One of the two enterprises is a company called Blue Oceans that makes mineral water and environmentally friendly ultra lightweight PET bottles. The other is a new corporation called “Okinawa Murakami Plantation,” a joint venture set up by two companies that specializes in hydroponics. The two partners in the venture are “Murakami Plantation (Hiroshima) Co. and Okinawa Product Cartel Co.

The business park has two buildings divided into two 1,300-square-meter halls each. Blue Oceans will lease one hall, and Okinawa Murakami Plantation will lease the entire second building to conduct its hydroponics plant growing. Murakami Plantation requested that the building it leases be equipped with sky windows on the roof to take in sunlight.

Both the hydroponics facility and the PET bottle factory aim to utilize Ogimi Village’s plentiful water resources.

The construction work on the plants started Nov. 2, and is scheduled to be completed by the yearend.

15:07 29 May , 2024