Okinawa asked to keep eye out for American Deserter

The Okinawa Prefectural Government said it has been informed that a U.S. serviceman deserted from his unit earlier this month.  Nov. 9.

The prefecture said it received the notice via the Foreign Ministry that an individual disappeared November 9th.  The U.S. military said the serviceman left a unit stationed at Futenma Marine Corps Air Station in Ginowan City, and has asked the Okinawa Prefectural Police to arrest the deserter based on a Japan-U.S. agreement.

Okinawa Prefecture officials say they’ve not been provided any details about the deserter.

This is the seventh case of desertion in the prefecture since the U.S. started providing such information in July 2008. Three of the deserters are still at large, according to the prefecture.

  • Mystified

    Annnd… What is the point of this article? These’s no name, no picture; no info to speak of. Why mention it at all?

10:17 04 Mar , 2024