Osprey training held regularly; safety agreement said ignored

Since the first deployment of the MV-22 Osprey aircraft at the U.S. Marine Corps’ Futenma Air Station in Ginowan City a month ago, training involving the controversial aircraft has been held regularly but is said to have ignored a safety agreement between the two countries.

Ginowan City officials say since full deployment of the Osprey had the aircraft leaving the ground for training mostly weekdays.  The United States deployed six Osprey tilt-rotor transport aircraft at the base on Oct. 1 and six more by Oct. 6.  Officials say the aircraft flew regularly on routes between the station and training centers in northern and central Okinawa as well as on Ie Jima, a separate island west of the main island of Okinawa.

The aircraft has flown carrying concrete blocks and other materials at an auxiliary airfield on Ie Jima and training centers in central Okinawa. The first evening training took place on Oct. 23.  Soon, training is expected that involves fully armed soldiers descending from the aircraft.
Since the full deployment, the Okinawa prefectural government has asked 27 local municipalities to gather information from residents about Osprey activities.

According to such witnesses, the aircraft had been seen operating like a helicopter, in vertical takeoff and landing mode, at low altitudes above residential areas across Okinawa main island.  The joint agreement between Japan and the United States restricts such operations due to safety concerns about emergency landings in the mode.  “The operations do not immediately violate the agreement,” Hirofumi Takeda, chief of the Defense Ministry’s Okinawa Defense Bureau, said.

Local residents are far from convinced, observers say. Meanwhile, the issue of Osprey deployment was taken up when the central government held a meeting with prefectural governors at the prime minister’s office. The Osprey is expected to be transferred to the Marine Corps’ Iwakuni base in Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, and Camp Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, for low-altitude flight operations on six routes above Honshu main island and Kyushu and Shikoku regions as well as on a route known as “Brown” over the Chugoku Mountains in western Japan.

An MV-22 Osprey made its first landing on Kadena Air Base, Saturday.

Kadena is designated to supply ammunition for training to the Osprey deployed in the MCAS Futenma. Local Kadena Townb officials claim that this is going to add to the anxiety of local residents who already comlain frequently about the noise of fighter jets of the base.

  • pcvolunteer73

    I complain abou the noise of bozo bikers. Now subsidize my air conditioning more.

    • Tomamii

      huh ? Call yourself lucky with those few bikers – Think not just about yourself – comparedwith the people living near Futenma & Kadena enduring the real noice of Jets/Helis since more then 50 years.. Those bikes are a birdfart against the noise from the base

      • pcvolunteer73

        That base didn’t spring up overnight, whereas many of the residents around it knew exactly what was there when they moved in near it. That base turned over will just be more Chinese-financed / backed Pachinko parlors anyway whose development will mean more run-off pollution straight into the ocean, not that anyone cares about reef damage in front of Ginowan and Kinser, only up north I guess.

        • Tomamii

          Its a waste of time discussing this matter with a tightbrain. So feel free to fill up this page with more funny posts.

          • BlahJU

            People who refuse to educate themselves about the situation here really are a waste of time having a discussion with. They want to live in their little “Everything we do is awesome and Okinawans should appreciate us” bubble and nothing will change their mind.

      • pcvolunteer73

        sooooo protestors worry about Osprey safety yet create flight obstacles that could cause an accident such as kites, balloons, and laser pointers–how does that make sense, other than the protestors are all paid communists anyways.

      • pcvolunteer73

        What about the noise from Naha airport? Where were safety concerns when a JASDF helicopter panel fell off in flight this spring or when that China Air flight burst into flames on the tarmac here years ago? Exactly. Everyday 1,000 times as many peoples lives are in danger because people here don’t put their infants or kids in seat belts or child seats.

      • BlahJU

        I don’t even live close to Kadena or in the direct path of any runway yet I still have aircraft of all sorts flying just a few hundred feet over my house in Okinawa City. I would gladly take the bosozoku instead of the constant reminder of US military occupation flying over my house all day long.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=704481393 John Davis


          Totally agree.

          You would think the US military would realise that WWII ended 70 years ago.

          But, on the other hand, after turning up late for the last two world wars, maybe they are trying to make totally sure they will be on time for the next one!

  • dusty

    If ww2 never happen we wouldnt be giaving this conversation now would we (^-^)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Harper/1485921764 Ken Harper

      That’s right dusty ! But it did, & the US kicked Japan’s butt real good !!

  • ThinkB4USpeak

    Before we Americans leave your
    country… can you answer these questions….

    1, for the Okinawans…. you loved us when we liberated you from the Japanese
    Imperial butchers in WWII….. Then you hated us when Pres Carter gave you back
    to Japan in the 1970’s….. What do you want now?

    2. for all Japanese…… WE WILL LEAVE TOMORROW …….NO PROBLEM… Question

    What language do you want to speak after we leave???? Okinawa included…..


    Your government officials for 67 years have given very watered down versions of
    public apologies’ for the WAR CRIMES committed by the Japanese Imperial Forces
    since your country annexed Korean in early 1900’s through the end of WWII for
    everything done in SE Asia and the Pacific during that war and continues to
    make such apologies’ and they are all posted on the internet to read…


    What I think is funny is every year new apologize are made but the words are
    changed slightly to continue to minimize the amount of remorse for those
    crimes…. basically you are giving your neighbors the finger and saying forget
    you…. You teach your children in school only half truths about world and Japanese
    history during WWII. Sounds like this as quoted to me by one of your high
    school teachers…. “We defeated the Russian fleet in the Japan Russo Wars
    and then America dropped 2 atom bombs on us…. why?”… This teacher
    denied Dec 7 1941 when Japan attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor, said it was
    all American propaganda from the war. The teacher was angry when I said the WAR
    started long before the Atomic bombs fell and then refused to discuss anything
    further regarding the war.

    Bottom line is this… the minute the American’s leave Okinawa or Japan….. Everyone
    you (Japanese Govt) have pissed off in SE Asia with a military and the means to
    get to your islands…. is going to show up on your door step and say…
    Remember us? Then you will truly experience what PAY BACK is all about…..

    MILITARY MEMEBERS…. Catch them Convict them in a court of law and punish


    Be thankful that the American Taxpayer has paid the majority of the expenses to
    support and DEFEND the JAPAN’s and Okinawa for the last 67 years of your

    But you better wake up and realize there are people as you read this who are
    sitting on the fence waiting for the opportunity to give a little PAY BACK for
    the past. And truthfully you have no natural resources to amount to anything worth
    coming here to take so the only reason your neighbors sit on that fence waiting
    their time is PAY BACK…..

    Oh, and for the record….

    Your Emperor Hirohito only agreed to the surrender after he was assured the Royal
    Family would not be prosecuted for war crimes….


    Basically he would have let the US Military bomb you all into oblivion and wipe
    you out if he could not retain the Royal Family Status over the COMMON People.

19:33 16 Apr , 2024