Pentagon calls airman’s home intrusion “Extremely Regrettable”


The U.S. Department of Defense has expressed deep regret over the alleged break-in and assault by a serviceman in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, saying  “This reported incident is extremely regrettable; we expect the highest standards of conduct for our service members.”

The Pentagon statement said “It’s unfortunate that the purported actions of a small minority of individuals cast a shadow on the thousands of hard-working service members in Japan who are there for the defense of Japan and to maintain peace and security in such an important region of the world.” The Okinawa prefectural police are investigating allegations that a drunken member of the U.S. Air Force’s Kadena base intruded into an apartment and hit a 13-year-old boy in the Okinawa village of Yomitan early last Friday.

The alleged incident took place only two weeks after the United States imposed an off-installation curfew on all military personnel stationed in Japan following an alleged rape of a woman by two sailors in Okinawa in mid-October. This southernmost prefecture of Okinawa hosts the bulk of U.S. military facilities in Japan. In the statement, the department said U.S. forces in Japan are currently “undergoing a complete review of the liberty policies and other policies to minimize the chances of these types of events happening.”

The Pentagon also emphasized that the U.S. military is working with the Okinawa police in the investigation of the latest case.

  • JohnS

    “Highest standards of conduct”, from the unemployed uneducated criminal thugs who make up the bulk of the American enlisted military? Too funny.

    • Steven Biggs

      JohnS = The epitome of an under-educated, ignorant, fool.

      Tell us the truth, you voted for Obama five times, didn’t you.

      • Ken Harper

        @Steve Biggs, nothing wrong with voting Obama, or any other person in elections, this is what people do on election day. The voice have the American people have been heard, it is time for the 113th congress to start doing their job for America.

    • Ken Harper

      @ JohnS, where did you get your information about American enlisted? The enlisted military of today is one of the best educated ever to serve. Also the army & marines aren’t getting waivers anymore for people that have a criminal records to enlist. They just won’t let them in now.

  • JB

    Thugs? Evidently you know little about the recruiting process and screening. Yes an unforgivable incident but do not generalize or stereotype the US Military as “thugs”. Young citizens of every culture have issues. Take a look at the news and see what good the US Military does. Every typhoon, tsunami, or natural disaster they are there.

  • Ken Harper

    Bad habits of a few bad apples that managed to slide by the screening process. Some small towns still pull the criminal records from their files, to help these guys get in the military. Also I know there use to be waviers for some to get in.

02:41 28 Feb , 2024