Playing youngster killed in car crash

A 6-year-old kindergarten student playing with friends on a city road in Tsuhako, Sashiki district of Nanjo City was killed when a car driven by a 65-year-old self-employment woman hit the boy on Monday afternoon.

Hibiki Chinen was in cardiopulmonary arrest when he was transported to a hospital in a helicopter, but he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. The accident took place is on a road in a residential area.

According to Yonabaru Police investigators, Hibiki had been playing with his scooter kick board on a parking lot, and then drove into the street in order to cross the road. The approaching woman in her car failed to notice the boy in time resulting in the accident.

Yonabaru Police are still questioning the woman in more detail.

22:04 24 Jun , 2024