This week’s winner

Sandy Abadia is the lucky winner of this week’s Japan Update raffle. She won a pair of tickets to Kinoshita Circus that will stage daily old fashioned circus extravaganza starting Dec. 1 in Toyosaki, Tomigusuku City. The shows will go on through Feb. 3.

Sandy is from Jacksonville, North Carolina and has been on Okinawa about one and half years. She is scheduled to move on to her next location in March 2014.

She says that she likes her life on the island very much. “This is a great place to live. Bith the beaches and the people here are wonderful. I also like the food with sushi and ramen noodles being my favorites,” she explains.

Although she has been here for some time now, she says that there is still much to explore. “I especially want to go explore the hills and jungles in the northern part of the island, and local castle ruins also interest me,” she says. She adds that the weekly event schedule in Japan Update paper and website are a great help for her when she plans her tours around the island.

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11:41 21 Feb , 2024