Tourist goes missing in Nago; feared drowned

A call to the police emergency number from the owner of a guest house in Kayo district of Nago City on Oct. 28 reported “one of our guests is missing.”

According to Nago Police, a 41-year-old male construction worker man from Aichi Prefecture who had stayed in the guest house since October 22 on a diving trip, hadn’t shown up event though he had been scheduled to leave on Oct. 25. The owner of the guest house went to search around the seashore on Oct. 28, and found the man’s bag on the shore.

Nago Police has been searching the man’s whereabouts, and considers that the man is a victim of a water accident, but so far not a trace of the man has been found.

The police search is continuing.

13:08 25 May , 2024