Youth group patrols Okinawa City streets

Citing the recent occurrence of U.S. Military-related criminal incidents, including a rape, breaking and entering into a construction site, and a private residence inflicting an injury in the Chubu area of Okinawa Island, the Okinawa City Youth Group Council has started nighttime patrols at the Gate 2 Street and surrounding residential areas from Nov. 9.

40 young people who came to the area after finishing their school classes or work walked the streets that are lined with restaurants frequented by U.S. military personnel, and inspected narrow back alleys and blind spots in the area.

Hideki Kiyuna, the head of the council, said “This time young people feel a strong anger because of the US Forces’ crimes. We considered what we can do, and decided to take this action. I hope that our action sends a message to the U.S. military people that “local residents always see you and you are under watch.”

Kyuna says that the patrolling will be conducted irregularly, and that they aim to share information with Okinawa City and the area residents’ associations, and help preventing crimes.

  • Ernest Molina

    Good job and good luck!!!!! Really hope this deters these fools Im ashamed to say i served with from taking advantage of people. But I do ask that yhese guys understand not all military are bad. Some of us truly enjoyed our time there and was a life changing experience!!!

  • Yamato

    When will these american thugs leave our island, this is ridiculous! 65 years?!! go away!

    • Terrance Lenard Askew

      Yamato, ill take the bite on your very ignorant and short-sighted zeal.

      Firstly, as i stated before, your little island (if you even live on okinawa) is full of enough japanese thugs that commit unspeakable crimes every day, on its own. While i do admit that having foreigners commit crimes isnt good either, i dont think you took any time to admit to yourself that your local kin are far worste in the same regards….

      Secondly, if us “american imperialist” ( i added that part) left your little island, it would capitulate into a stew of sloth and disgust. Have you took any notice on how much money comes into the island, both from the local economy, the only real business (tourism), and the impact of the local military bases? Whilst i have done the math on my own, i beg of you to do the same. You will see, that the american military bases on island literally support okinawa. Without our money or military support, this little island wouldve been taken over by china years ago…Which…Brings me to point number 3…

      Your country has no real military. We are your military. And you losers are exceptionally ungrateful for it. Lol and also very stupid about it. You dont want us here. We get that part…We dont want to be stuck on your shitty island either. Majority would love to be back in mainland america defending our country, but…….Since your country has a shit for bricks military, and the people (men/women) are so great at volunteering to support and defend their nation as we do ( get the sarcasm??) we have to pick up the slack..Very loose way at saying that you dont defend your own nation becuase your local and over-reaching governments are enjoying the free money and protection the US offers them….You guys are too wrapped up about complaining about the little things that you dont notice how you are bing screwed over, by not just your government but yourselves…But its cool…As an american military member, im happy to be your governments scapegoat!!!

      And point number 4….America shouldve kept your retards as our territory..End of that statement….Wouldnt be dealing with this dumbshit otherwise….

  • Chris

    15 incidents this year involving US forces in Okinawa. 8,967 incidents committed by okinawans. Americans make up 7 percent of the population and are responsible for less than 1/10 of 1 percent of all crimes.

    • Becca Haynes

      But the 7% of the population you are referring to are Military. They are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard. They have a responsibility not only to the Okinawan people, who’s island they are occupying, but also a responsibility to behave in a manner that reflects well upon the United States. There should be a zero tolerance policy for these actions. Less than a tenth of a percent seems negligible, but the fact that there is any percentage that Americans caused is shameful.

      • Terrance Lenard Askew

        Becca you should read more carefully and try to keep an open mind. Firstly, Chris did state along with the 7% token, that the 7% are less than 1/10 of 1 percent of all crimes….Re-read that as much as you need, but that is actually pretty good considering the size and scope of the militaries precense on that island. While i do agree with a 0 tolerance policy, as what is currently in place, you have to figure that a policy dose little to stop or curb a person inhibitions.

        Acts or “crimes” will still happen no matter what. But considering the rate and frequency at which they are happening, should stand as a testament to the dutifulness the majority (mlitary and dependents) have been practicing for over 50 years. And FYI, as i stated before, there is and always has been a zero tolerance policy towards crime of all sorts in general. Its not like we (military) dont get preached to every weekend of every day in a week about not doing those things. But simply put, you cant fix stupid…

  • Terrance Lenard Askew

    this is pretty nice and tarded at the same time. Ever since i have been in japan, i have heard countless cases of rapes, indecent exposures, gang beatings and corruption all at the hands of the local populace.

    Its funny that this youth group decides to patrol on the lookout for “dangerous americans” when what they should be looking out for, is their own kin doing the most heinous acts. Shit one of my ex’s (okinawan local) was raped by a japanese man when she was just 4 years old, in a back alley in naha…..Yet no news of this and no justice….Fuck you you lame ass youth groups…Patrol your own damn people!

11:26 02 Mar , 2024