American Airman Indicted for assaulting young teen

The Naha District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted a U.S. airman without arrest for his alleged assault of a boy and property destruction in Yomitan last month.

The Prosecutors Office did not disclose whether Matthew Haist, a 24-year-old member of the U.S. Air Force’s Kadena Air Base, has admitted or denied the charges.  According to the indictment and other sources, Haist allegedly hit a junior high school boy who was sleeping at home in Furugen in Yomitan Village in the small hours of Nov. 2.

The airman is suspected of hitting the boy once on the left cheek and breaking a television set. The boy took a week to recover from his injuries. The Prosecutor’s Office declined to file home invasion charges against the airman after he said he had been drunk and did not remember entering the house.

  • Guest

    We will continue the fight to be free of these thugs that have been inflicted on us for 66 years. We do not need to be protected by them, we need to be protected from them.

  • Guest

    We will continue the fight to be free of these thugs that have been inflicted on us for 66 years. We do not need to be protected by them as they say, we need to be protected from them.

    • japanupdate

      What’s with the “we”? You’re in Florida and I already told you once to stop trolling. Enjoy your ban.

  • 90RECON94

    Wow a week really ??? OK n-e-way , the last time I checked … The prosecutor will receive 100,000 yen for assult ; or city I should say … But how does this help the victim ??? Hard to charge someone for home invasion charges with the door being opened … Not burglary of a habitation ! And drinking changes the intent … ^ . ^

  • LarryT

    We continue to pray for the day that our 66 year occupation by these thugs is ended. Our peaceful protest will continue.

  • Yamato 

    The spirit of Yamato will prevail. we continue to protest the occupation of our peaceful island by the teenage thugs.

  • secret

    Everyone needs to shut the fuck up! What happened is bad yes! However, they do the same fucking shit to each other! Look at the shit they did to foreign women during the war. I don’t hear any of you Jap fuckers saying sorry for that shit. I don’t fucking hear you saying sorry for attacking us when we at peace with you! I’ve been in your fucking country for six years now and have never done shit wrong to you and now I can’t even go out and have a good time at night or take my family out for very long because of these curfews. I will tell you what I have done in Japan. I have volunteered several times for cleaning up shitty areas of your country! I have taken food and distributed it to the local homeless population! I have embraced and taken part in your language, culture, and traditions! I fucking stayed here during and after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011! I stayed here while your fucking nuclear reactors were poisoning me and my men. Did you fuckers say thanks for any of that? No! You didn’t! you waited for the first thing you could call us out on and tried to persecute all Americans! I hope we leave here overnight and your fucking country gets taken over by China and North Korea!

    • japanupdate

      Way to represent the US military. Real professional.

01:59 31 May , 2024