And this week’s winner is…

The lucky winner of this week’s JU raffle is Naim Qazi. He won a free one-night stay at the Best Western Naha Inn.

Naim is from Virginia in the U.S. and calls Vienna, VA, as his hometown. He has been on Okinawa over three years and is scheduled to leave in 2014.

He says he likes it here. “My living in Okinawa is outstanding,” he states, explaining that “The best parts are that the environment is free of pollution, and the people here are caring, courteous and very friendly.”

He also likes tofu champuru and tempura. He wants to visit someplace with hoshizuna (star sand) beach “to walk where all sand particles are in the shape of stars.”

His favorite section in the Japan Update are local news and photos, but he would like to see more interviews of people on the street.

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01:50 31 May , 2024