At customer satisfaction is basis of all business

Shin Inafuku (left) and co-owner Toyoatsu Ikehara are confident that they have the keys to satisfied customer relationships in they business.

As anyone who has lived on Okinawa any length of time knows, the public transportation on the island leaves much to desire. No rail systems – save a short monorail line in Naha linking the airport and Shuri via central Naha – and a confusing network of sparsely traveled bus routes.

That makes a private car the main mode of transportation, and Okinawa has the third largest number of minicars per 1,000 persons. In other words, one has to own a car in order to go just about anywhere on Okinawa.

One factor facing the U.S. military and their families is that their stay on the island is definite. It does not make much sense for them to buy a new car as they know that in a few short years they are going to move on, and as cars sold here are made for Japanese specifications – the steering wheel is on the right side, for example – it is not practical to move the vehicle with them to their new station. So, what they mostly need is a reliable and inexpensive vehicle to get around daily.

That is the reason why the number of used car lots is so large here. Shin Inafuku, the owner of, is well aware of all those factors, and has come up with his own concept of providing cars to needy customers.

“The pre-owned cars most Americans buy here are not so flashy, but must be reasonably priced and reliable. With that in mind, we buy our cars within the prefecture, mostly from private owners, examine and test them thoroughly in our own garage, and fix what is needed, before matching them with buyers,” he explains, adding, “To say the truth, we don’t pay so much attention to minor scratches, or worn out seats, but we guarantee that all vehicles are mechanically sound and run good.”

He says that his method of operating allows him to keep the prices extremely low. “We can honestly say that a customer can buy two cars from us at the price what it would cost for one at any other place. You can get one for yourself, and another one for your family to use. It’s great!”

Inafuku also says that he tries to make the whole car buying experience as hassle free and simple as possible. “We decided from the start that the price on the sticker is the price the car is going to cost the customer. Period. All registration and other fees are included, such as 2-year JCI, road tax, liability insurance and contracting fees. If the sticker says $2,500 that’s all they have to pay in order to drive the car from the shop. The car is yours,” he says.

He also explains that they basically sell only in cash, and do not finance themselves. If financing is needed, they have a contract with financing company A.K. Kogyo Financing Services (tel. 098-894-3027), or WILTEC Okinawa (tel. 098-936-2710).

Yet another point of pride for Inafuku is the speed they can take care of everything. At one person of the staff takes care of one customer, from start to finish, from negotiating and signing a purchase contract, to all paperwork, registration and all they way to handing over the keys.

And it does not stop there. “We also buy cars, so when it’s time to move on or change the vehicle, you can sell your car to us. We will again take care of all the paperwork for you, and you can get cash for your car to maybe buy a little souvenir from Okinawa to take with you,” Inafuku says.

And finally, Inafuku and his staff will work with your budget. “We will discus with you and match you with the car that meets your needs,” he assures. changes cars on their lot every weekend when they also have a yard sale on the lot. You can also check on Facebook, or Emai

The lot is located in Yomitan. From KAB Gate 1, turn north on Hwy 58 and left at the traffic light a KAB Gate 4 towards Torii Station. Go over the red bridge, and turn left in front of Obbligato restaurant. is on the left down the street.

  • Michelle

    Japanese would never pay these prices for these “higher mileage” cars, and they would pay an average of $1,500 less even if they did, including when all the extras are said and done. Military can’t take cars back with them when they PCS–as most PCS back stateside–and it has little to do with right-hand-drive being an inconvenience and everything to do with DOT rules, unless your car is 25 years old.

05:30 30 May , 2024