Baby boy dies month after nursery mishap

Yaeyama police announced Dec. 14 that a 7-month-old baby boy, the second son of Mitsuaki Nakama and Masami Hoshiyama, who had been in care of an unauthorized nursery at Hirae, Ishigaki City, died of complications of a cardiopulmonary arrest he had suffered a month earlier. Police say Hikaru Hoshiyama died on Dec. 13.

According to the police, Hikaru was laid with face down in the nursery about 11 a.m. on Nov. 9, and about 40 minutes later, a worker at the nursery noticed that the color was drained from Hikaru’s face and he obviously was in a cardiac arrest. The worker then called the emergency number and Hikaru was taken to a hospital. He was first revived but his condition started growing worse and he died on Dec. 13.

Police are investigating the circumstances and questioning the nursery staff and the parents of Hikaru.

According to investigators, three staffs of the nursery, including the worker who called the ambulance don’t have childcare worker licenses, and the nursery had not submitted an establishment notification for an unauthorized nursery facility that is required.

The family-owned nursery has been operating under the same management continuously for more than 10 years.

The woman in charge of the nursery didn’t have a childcare worker’s license, but she has experience working at other nurseries.

However, the other two staff members didn’t have experience working in other nurseries.


00:12 31 May , 2024