Dec. 6 ~ 12


The year-end holidays are closing in, and that’s the source of stress that in turn causes conflicts and stress at home. But stress is n o all bad, as the best results often are created under pressure. This weekend is going to be socially boring that forces you to stay mostly at home. Romance is in the picture only after the 15th.



Any business deal or project that has stalled up to now is going to start moving forward after the weekend. You have plenty of extra energy just now, and that gives you an opportunity to boost your physical fitness, complete a project at your work or otherwise enjoy the good feeling of being able to reach your goals.



This weekend is going to start emotionally, as your preparations for Christmas are going to bring old and dear memories to the surface. Many small everyday activities remind you of the existence of your loved ones and their importance. But you have to make sure that you don’t overextend you Christmas budget.



Fresh winds are blowing in your life, and plenty of nice and pleasant events are ahead from year-end parties among friends and colleagues to quiet relaxation at home over the Christmas holidays. Plenty of romance is also in the cards, and that will inspire you to create your own artistic visions.



The pressure from the planets is easing up a bit. The worst of your money problems, or conflicts at work begin to feel a little more insignificant, and you will begin to notice the small joys that life is throwing in your way. You have to concentrate on your work and relationships, and try to improve teamwork.



You are at your best when you do work that helps others. Pressures from outside and other distractions stay away, because you are on top of your game with your ability to organize. Your excellent abilities to negotiate with anyone help greatly at your work and social circles, but can you use that in romance, too.



If you have volunteered to take on extra responsibilities for the rest of the year, you have to make sure that you can carry everything that is being loaded on you. You busy schedule leaves you very little time to dedicate to your romantic relationship, and many people do not like your way of forcing ahead so fast.



Many problems at your work will become clear over the weekend. Good ideas and your sense of humor will carry you over. You can also expect a busy party period ahead that will also offer plenty of soft and romantic moments. You can concentrate on pampering yourself and preparing for the parties.



This could be a little confusing time, and it seems to be difficult to decide what direction to take. The danger is that you fall for big expectations that are unrealistic. Changes in your mood could easily lead to overspending. There could also be a few days around the 15th of the month that could prove to be explosive.



Your energies are driving you to put in extraordinary long hours, and you realize that you have more energy than you had thought. That gives a boost to your self-confidence. There are all kinds of romantic scenarios that could happen before Christmas, but those require an effort from your side, and plenty of honest talk.



It seems to be difficult to find a common tune with people of the opposite sex, and likewise problematic to find helping hands when you need them. However, there’s nothing in the planets that say it should be so, so maybe you should take a close look at the mirror, and think carefully how you approach others.



For those born in the zodiac of Pisces, this is the peak of their social calendar. There will be a chance to remove yourself from everyday routines sometime in December. New and exciting people will bring food for your thought for a long time, and interesting conversations create new angles for your thoughts.

00:18 31 May , 2024