Dec 13 ~ 19


The pressures caused by the holiday season affect those born as Arieses strongly, and especially those who were born in April. It is possible to take care of most of the everyday business, but patience is required. As the planets are in a position that creates an urge to spend over your budget, you better pay close attention.



Although there are plenty of challenges during the remaining part of the year, it is possible to overcome all obstacles, even if there could be an air of laziness and apathy around you. Some people who are close to you could be difficult to work with up to Christmas Eve, and that could disturb you holiday mood.



This weekend you could be busy to attend to business of your relatives and close friends, and you are prone to forget your own problems. The end of the year promises to create pressure at work. Try to avoid bossing people around as it is difficult for most of people to put up with constant unsolicited advice.



As many people wonder how they can muster strength to go on, you can expect help from a wide circle of friends. Romance is also in the air regardless whether you are single or in a steady relationship. Later some demanding issues could arise that you should take care right away and not try to swipe under carpet.



Although your house of cards that you have so carefully put together seems to be steady by all accounts, all it takes is a small breeze to push it over. Your dissatisfaction with the atmosphere at your work, money problems or dried up love life is causing restlessness that requires you to find something new to do.



This weekend home is what you like, just mosey around your loved ones, watch a movie or read a book. But the pace will change next week, as you become more conscious of your goals and what you want. If you have any year-end parties scheduled for next week, hard work requires hard partying.



Hectic schedule is going to continue for a few days, but then you will have a break highlighted by a good movie or a visit by a dear friend. If you are prone to seeing dreams, get your diary ready as something interesting is in storage. Preparing for Christmas and being busy at work is not a good combination.



This weekend promises to be a soft experience that nurses your body and soul, so you want to make the most of it. Feelings are extraordinary strong, and inspire creativity that you can make use of at work. Concentrating on the secret world of love is a good idea. The luckiest day of this period would be Dec. 18.



You have to be really careful with your money, and should avoid splurging in any big buys. Any important decision you have to make should be postponed at least by a few days. Once you get over the hump, the life is going to change into a new gear with plenty of new ideas and productivity ahead.



All Capricorns would know by now the meaning of hyperactive. But unlimited energy coupled with sensible use of time is also creating results, and although you have to press ahead a little longer, the rewards are also near. And luckily you have many people around who are ready to help you any tie you need.



It now feels like all the successes that you have had in the past are somehow slipping through your fingers. And although you have tried mightily, the circumstances seem to work against you. Luckily the holiday season is here and that will give you time to ponder your situation and decide what would be the best course.



The planets are looking at you positively, and that means that it is very possible to make new contracts, expand your social networks or find a new love, if that’s what you wish form. Those who are born in February should beware of carelessness or dishonesty when they deal with new people.

05:21 30 May , 2024