Jin Air to start flying Seoul-Naha route on Dec. 24

Naha International Airport is becoming more ‘international’ every month, with a Korean

Jin Air announced the start of Naha-Seoul route.

budget carrier now flying to and from Seoul.

Jin Air begins service only a couple weeks from now, offering flights each way for only ¥4,900 starting December 24th.  Jin Air, a subsidiary of Korean Air, will fly seven weekly flights between Seoul and Naha using Boeing 737-800 aircraft.  The planes carry some 180 passengers, and the airline says it wants to travel at 75% capacity.

The Seoul-Naha route is currently served only by Asiana Airlines, Korean Air’s principal competitor.  Asiana also is flying a Busan-Okinawa route.

Jin Air is flying a Seoul-Sapporo route in addition to the service to Okinawa.  It began that service in July 2011.  Jin Air officials note that the things that make them different from other low cost carriers, in addition to the ¥4,900 fare, excluding tax and fuel surcharges, is that they serve in-flight meals, allow passengers the standard 20 kilograms of baggage free, and will have Japanese-speaking flight attendants aboard.

The tickets are now on sale through the Jin Air website.  Chong Hong-Geun, the Jin Air Managing Director,. “We hope that many people who have never been to Okinawa because of the high price of airfares will be able to visit.” He also stated that they are thinking of increasing the number of flights to match demand, also using New Ishigaki Airport, which is scheduled to open next year.


06:14 30 May , 2024