New Year store hours not much different than everyday

A sign of the changing times is that holidays are a time to stay away from work, unless you work for a store, in which case you’re still working while everyone else comes to visit.

That’s the way it is this coming holiday; the only major store in Okinawa that will close at all is Ryubo Department Store in downtown Naha City, and they’re closed only from 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve through New Year’s Day.  Buses will tweak their schedules only a bit for the four days from December 31st through January 3rd.  Ryukyu Bus, Okianwa Bus, Toyo Bus and Naha Bus will operate on their Sunday schedules.

Yui Rail, Okinawa’s monorail system, is continuing with life as usual, operating on regular schedules.  That’s the phrase of the day for many businesses, “regular business hours.”  It applies to San A, Union, Kanehide, Coop, Max Valu and Aeon.

01:48 31 May , 2024