New Year weather forecasted to be less than perfect

A cold front passing through is predicted to make this New Year less than perfect  as far as the weather is concerned.

Sunday probably was the worst as rain and strong winds prevailed throughout the day. On Kume Island  the winds recorded 27m/s strong winds, and the rest of the islands did not fare much better. All Okinawan islands experienced strong winds and rain. Yonaguni Island had logged 25.5 m/s and Miyako Island had 24.2m/s . The temperature was 14ºC at its lowest.

The bad weather forced the cancellation of many inter-island ferries forcing many people who had came shopping for the New Year to stay on the main island of Okinawa.

Forecasters say the cold and windy weather might continue through the new years, and although the rains should abate the days area cloudy with temperatures  plummeting as low as 13ºC. .

So those who are looking forward to see the first sunrise of the New Year 2013 might be disappointed.

07:21 30 May , 2024