Orion Beer to go into hotel business

Orion Beer is looking for new businesses to get into as not long after the company announced its plans to enter the energy business, Orion Beer Co. President Yoshio Kadekaru announced on Dec. 10 details of the “Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa” that the company will is planning construct on the former Expo Land amusement park site at Bise, Motobu Town.

The hotel will be a large building providing a total of 238 over 50-square-meter rooms, a large hot spring spa, restaurants, a reception hall, wedding hall, pool, and gym, and is scheduled to open in July 2014.

The hotel plans call for hiring about 200 people, including 150 permanent employees.

The hotel site is 32,714 square meters in size facing the Emerald Beach, on the north side of the Ocean Expo Park.

The hotel itself will be a 12 story-building constructed of reinforced concrete with an image of a cruise ship. It will have a energy saving air-conditioning system, the first of its kind in a hotel in Okinawa.

The total cost of the construction is about 9 billion yen.

The construction work will start on Dec. 19, and the plans call for completing the project by the end of May 2014.

The average guest room’s charge is set at about ¥20,000 per night throughout the year.

The target clientele is wide including families with children, three-generation families, school trip students and training groups, and the aim is to have a total of 200,000 people per year staying in the hotel and having an average 70% guest room’s occupation rate.

00:56 31 May , 2024