Tenkaichi Super Fight features dual main events

Sunday7s Tenkaichi Super Fight puts fighters into action under both MMA and Kickboxing rules.

The battle for ring supremacy goes two-dimensional Sunday as the Tenkaichi Super Fight puts fighters into action under both MMA and Kickboxing rules.

Koza Music Town’s the venue for this series of 17 battles set for the afternoon and early evening,

Zachary ‘Hitman’ Hayden, preparing for a championship bout, is currently ranked fourth in his class.

Gabriel Tomikawa faces Zachary Hayden in a championship match that will decide the middle weight champion.

with two Mixed Martial Arts fights, five kickboxing fights and eight amateur kickboxing fights, and that’s all before the main events.  The MMA event will settle the middle weight championship title, which is open as current champion “Caveman” returned to the United States.

In the first main event, a Kickboxing Rules super fight, the pairing is Maki, who calls himself the strongest lightweight class fighter in Okinawa, against a top contender who’s ranked third in Japan.

The second main event sees the fourth place fighter in the class,  Zachary ‘Hitman’ Hayden, facing Gabriel Tomikawa who’s a technical fighter with a black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu.  Fight specialists say the key is whether power or technique will lead the battle.  Zachary twists technique down by power, while Gabriel’s black belt joint-locking jujitsu techniques could outdo Zachary’s brutal force.

Doors open at 3:30 p.m., and challenge matches begin at 4 p.m..  The Super Fight gets under way about 5 p.m.  General seating tickets are ¥3,500, ringside seats are ¥4,500 and the best super ringside seats are ¥5,500.  Tickets are available at the Mail Centers on Kadena Air Base and Camp Foster, or at Ryukyu Press.  Information on the bouts, in English, is available Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. ~ 9:30 p.m., at Wild SeaSar, (098) 926-1114, or by email at tenka926@yahoo.co.jp.


Maki boasts to be the strongest fighter in his class in Okinawa.

Shoya Suzuki is ranked third in Japan in lighweight kick boxing.

06:45 30 May , 2024