TV cameraman nabbed for DUI

Naha Police arrested a cameraman who works at Ryukyu Asahi TV station (QAB) as a temporary employee, 29-yea-old Yoshinobu Shimoji, on a charge of violating the Road Traffic Law on Dec. 22 because he drove a motorcycle while under the inluence.

According to police Shimoji is accused of driving his motorcycle drunk on Highway 330 in Tsuboya, Naha City at 5:54 a.m. on Dec. 22.

Naha police say Shimoji had fallen down with the motorcycle, and a police officer who came to the scene after the accident noticed that Shimoji smelled of alcohol. The officer ordered a breathalyzer test that showed Shimoji had about three times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

According to QAB Company, Shimoji participated in the company bonenkai, or year-end party, on the night of Dec. 21, drove the motorcycle when he was on the way to his home, and had the accident.

A QAB spokesman commented “We are constantly appealing for extermination of drunk driving to everyone through our news. However, now one of our temporary employees caused this accident, so we really apologize for it.”


01:07 31 May , 2024