Woman robbed in Yomitan

A man with a black cap, mask and sunglasses grabbed a 56-year-old woman from behind as she came out of her car at a private parking space in Nagahama district of Yomitan village, at 9:10 p.m. on Dec. 6. The robber threatened her saying “Give me your money or die!”

The woman handed her purse containing ¥50,000 in cash to the man who then ran away.

The woman was not injured.

Kadena Police are investigating the incident as a robbery, and searching the man’s whereabouts.

The man is described as being 40 ~ 50 years old, about 160 cm tall and having slender figure.


  • LarryT

    Another foreigner sent to “protect” us no doubt.

  • Yamato 


00:59 31 May , 2024