Year End Jumbo Lottery winners in Okinawa

The biggest lottery in Japan is called “the Year End Jumbo Lottery,” which is raffled on national TV on New Year Eve.

The shops, which sold the winning tickets were announced on Jan. 21. The Grand Prize is ¥400 million, of which a total 48 are paid nationwide

One of the Grand Prizes was sold on Okinawa at the ticket shop in the San-A Hamby Town branch. In addition, the adjacent numbers of the Grand Prizes also win, and were won at this time by another buyer because the winner of the Grand Prize had bought a random number type ticket.

Those two slightly less lucky ones who missed the Grand Prize by one number still won ¥100 million each, and both tickets were also sold at San-A Hamby Town.

Two more tickets worth ¥30 million each were sold at San-A Oyama City and Tsubogawa respectively.

This is the fourth consecutive year that a ticket sold in Okinawa has won a Grand Prize in the “Year End Jumbo Lottery.”

10:01 30 May , 2024