F-15 fighter aircraft scrambled after Chinese jets spotted near Senkakus

Japan’s Air Self Defense Force is getting some real world training, scrambling F-15 fighters this weekend after a Chinese aircraft approached the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

The Defense Ministry says the Y-12 propeller driven plane operated by China’s State Oceanic Administration, did not actually intrude into Japanese airspace above the disputed island chain in southwest Okinawa Prefecture.  The ministry’s Joint Staff Office says the SDF launched F-15 fighter from its base in Naha City after the Self Defense Forces radar detected the Chinese aircraft.

The aircraft came to within 120 kilometers of the Senkaku Island before it turned eastward, then flew away from the area toward the north.

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        It has a lot to do with the article, if you are too daft to think laterally then that’s the response you provide… naturally.

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21:20 24 Jun , 2024