Fatal hit-and-run in Katsuren Saturday

A fatal traffic accident occurred on the prefectural Road 8 in the Katsuren district of Uruma City at 2 a.m., Saturday.

According to Uruma Police, a car ran over a man crossing the street, and escaped the scene. The police are searching the car’s whereabouts

Police has identified the victim as  57-year-old Hiroyuki Sugawara from Yonashiro, Uruma City.

He was taken to a hospital unconscious, and was pronounced dead 3:03 a.m. on the same day.

Investigators have concluded that Sugawara was crossing  the road at the time when he was run over by the car traveling from Henna district towards White Beach.  The site of the accident is a straight road without a traffic signal.  Based on the marks on Sugawara’s body and the road they say that he was dragged about 20 meters on the road after he was hit.

The police are investigating the accident as a hit-and-run violation of the Road Traffic Law.

16:24 21 Apr , 2024