Jan. 31 ~ Feb. 6


You should seek company of friends who have a positive attitude towards life who would help you to keep up your good energies. Especially at this time of the year you need some extra boost in your life. Pay close attention to your money, as that gives you flexibility in the future, but make sure others do their part.


You should concentrate on deepening some friendships you have made recently, as they could prove to be very valuable considering your career. You should make the most of your charm and intuition. Small problems at home could distract, so you have to be diplomatic and flexible with your statements.


You have an inspiring idea and that keeps you awake in the night. But you should not give up even if things don’t seem to proceed at the pace you would like. Make sure you understand what you want, and then stick with it. You should not give up your principles. It does not pay to be satisfied with the second best.


You have an exciting period in front of you. When you sit down calmly and examine your deepest feelings, you will discover that you are strong, and you believe in yourself. Sharing hopes and dreams with your partner would enhance your emotional status. However, you have to pay more attention to your finances.


You should pay attention to other people’s opinions at this time, especially in matters concerning your job. If you want to impress your boss, make sure you prepare the presentation o your ideas with care. You can expect some problems with your relationships, so you should avoid bringing up controversial topics.


You have strong feelings that dominate all aspects of your life at this time. You should show other what you are made of, but don’t stress yourself too much, as it is important to stay healthy. Someone at home wants to pamper you over the weekend, and there is no reason not to accept the offer.


There’s a certain personal matter that you have thought long and hard, but now is the perfect time to go ahead. This weekend is good both for love and money. But on the romantic side you have to swallow you pride. You have to stay sharp and keep a keen eye on an opportunity that you can’t afford to let go by.


Be ready to act, unless you want that someone will walk over you. The only peaceful place at this time is your home, but you have to get out sometimes. You may need a second opinion on a certain matter, and you have to ask someone you can trust. There could be some short-term disappointments ahead in your love life.


Although everything seems to be going smoothly, you have to pay close attention to small details. Especially you have to keep abreast with new winds that are blowing in your social circles in order to protect your back. Remember to stay cordial especially in the company of sensitive people. And take good care of your lover.


Over the next week you should concentrate on money matters using both common sense and imagination. It is better to do it yourself and keep all the reins in your own hands. Someone from your past is going to approach you asking for a favor, but you should be careful and first take care of what is good for you.


You can be very sure in your heart of your cause, but if you give too self-confident impression, others could have trouble taking you seriously. A little more modesty would be a good idea as it would be easier for you’re the get those around you to listen to your ideas more seriously. Low profile is now in order.


A few quiet moments could give out an impression that you are somehow depressed, although that is not true by any means. You will soon get a chance to show your skills, even if you are not so sure yourself yet. Anything is possible, if you want it enough. That’s why you should set your goals high.

18:47 17 Apr , 2024