Jan. 3 ~ 9


As the year 2013 gets started, your mood is very turning into very mellow and empathetic, and that makes you very popular among your peers. But you could have completely different plans in your mind. Pay attention not bring a disappointment to a person close to you. You can find harmony by taking a practical approach.


Running around partying is usually not your piece of cake, but just now you seem to have some extra energy. You should enjoy the better things in the life, and try to do things that are new to you. 2013 will start to look outright exciting. Maybe it’s the romance in the air that that makes you so radiating.


You have to plan your long term future carefully. Now is a good time to start planning your summer vacation, and also list up what you want to accomplish this year. Do not feel suspicious of someone who only tries to be positive. Your light attitude in matters of love is just right for you at this time.


You are an enigma even to your closest friends at this time. You should make up your mind on what you want to tell people, and what you want to keep only to yourself. But you must be careful with all the secrecy, as you might end up missing in important signal someone is trying to send you.


Your extra effort will be rewarded, and at the same time your positive actions encourage other to thrive for a common goal. Your intimate relationship promises happy and harmonious moments together, so you should make sure to prepare time for that. Someone who is very interested in you would like to know more.


You seem to be always a step or two ahead, and that means smooth sailing. You could get last minute invitation to some place that seems to be romantic and promising, but you are reluctant to cancel occasions that you have already promised to your loved ones. If someone really wants your company, flexibility is needed.


An unexpected event will require your urgent attention and that could prove to be overwhelming. In that case do not hesitate to ask help from people close to you. You might meet an old lover who has found a new love, and that would awaken mixed feelings, but it is best to move on, enjoy good memories, but concentrate on future.


This time you should remember your older relatives and friends. People you meet less frequently appreciate you attention more than you can imagine when you contact them. Whatever plans you make, leave some flexibility in place, as there could be unexpected delays or money trouble ahead.


There is love and romance in the air, but be careful not to fall in love with the feeling. To be practical at this time could be difficult for you, but at least try. Long-term relationships seem to out of the question, but remember that time and hope heal any wounds of heart. The main thing is to be brave and move on.


You charisma and attractiveness is now on top. This does not mean that everyone is going to fall for you at your whim. Instead it gives you a chance to enter into a deep discussion and understanding what you really want. Do not try to find excuses or procrastinate, but take the bull by the horns and make a move.


Your goal at this time is to get others to communicate and compromise. Even if you try your best not to get involved it other peoples lives, is could turn out to be impossible to avoid. Try to spend time with your loved ones keeping in mind that quality is more important that quantity.


When necessary you can be very effective and able to accomplish a lot. But at this time you could take it easier, and let the others to take care of their part. You have much to gain. Keep an open mind and trust more your intuition. In that way you will enjoy better results in any project you plan to enter.


06:11 17 Apr , 2024