Jan. 10 ~ 16


Collecting your family and best friends together in the same party could prove to be a pleasant experience, and maybe you should consider doing so more often. Maybe you also should take a serious look at a person who seems to appear in your social circles whenever you are around. Think about why.


When you have a conversation with one of your old friends, you could be tempted to give a Norman non-committal answer. Instead, you should let this friend to find the right answer in his or her own ways. You should enjoy the weekend’s light and warm atmosphere, and try to show your own warmth accordingly.


Make sure you choose your company with care. Remember that whatever happens, you should try to make the best out of it. This time it’s not a good idea to try to change things that you seem deficient. You need to change your attitude instead. Looking for something good from others brings your best side out, too.


Someone is going to show great interest in you, but you should respond with a dose of humor. Something that you wished a long time ago seems to come true. But now you have to decide whether your wishes are still valid today. This weekend is going to offer some enjoyable moments as you are giving out the right signals.


You are about to get a very unusual invitation, and should you accept it, results could be nothing short of unusual. But do not assume that you would enjoy the situation right away. You can also expect a proposal, buy before you give your answer, you should consider carefully who’s proposing.


There could be all kinds of misunderstandings ahead at home, and you should do your best to avoid them. Try to behave like everyone is you best friend. There’s plenty of good will in the air, and even a romance could be in the cards, but make sure that you don’t end up walking on thin ice.


Time flies so fast it seems almost impossible. You should forget all unfinished work for now, and enjoy now and here. You should also show those around you that you care. There could also be some memorable and important decisions to make ahead, but you should not make up your mind before you are absolutely sure.


The best thing you could do at the moment is not to worry about tomorrow too much. You should also stop and think about your relationships; which is for now and which you plan to continue for a long time. This has a big impact on how you should proceed. You have made a big impression on some people.


Have you trouble making a decision on an invitation you got recently? Toss a coin, and you can blame your bad luck if the outcome proves to be a mistake. Try to take facts as only facts. That would make your life easier in many ways. Although people appreciate your experiences and insight try not to push your advice too strongly.


You are going to have a good chance to significantly advance your career. But in order to succeed you need a little help from others. Luckily you have helped those people in the past, so you should not have a problem. You should pay a little closer attention to your finances. That would pay dividends later this year.


You are in peace with yourself this weekend. Someone is thinking about you in a special, but gentle way. Love and home are on the top of your agenda. You are in a position that many people expect your support and encouragement. You should just be yourself and follow your instincts, and everything will turn all right.


Time to shape up and be more in contact with your friends and relatives. If you promise someone to be in touch later, remember it. One social contact could easily lead to one more, and that to a third and so on. In other words, build your network. That’s also the shortest road to a romance, if you so desire.

01:19 21 May , 2024