Jan. 17 ~ 23


Success is right in front of you, and you only have to grab it. Your biggest deficit is that you could become a snob. Taking a pride from your achievements as a team is surely going to bring more satisfaction than emphasizing your own excellence. You also have to make sure that those around you understand you right.


Those born under Taurus are full of ideas to begin the new year. But you also must make sure that you reserve time and space for yourself. You have much more energy if you take time for yourself from time to time. An adventure could be waiting. The challenge is more mental than erotic, but one thing could lead to another.


You are now in a period that you spend a lot of time so deep in your thoughts that is could be difficult to achieve anything practical. This could mark a new phase in your life, but that could also mean that you have to give up something that our rather would not. The main thing is to believe in yourself.


Planet Uranus has made you to fight for your ideas for some time, but now you are about to get a boost from planet Mars. It is very easy for you to get into an argument, and there is always someone who takes the challenge. This could be dangerous for your love life, especially as everything old feels rather dull boring.


Changing your career tack could satisfy your inner desires. However, putting your economic security on back burner, is usually not your piece of cake, but you just could have the courage to do it now, Be careful with your intentions, as just now secrets do not stay secrets for long, and someone could take advantage.


You are demanding much from yourself, but you should be careful not to judge choices of others through your own glasses. Be generous is the right way to proceed, and remember that you too can be wrong. As far as money goes, just now you are under lucky stars. Just remember, the more you give the more you gain.


Deep thoughts dominate your head as your own truth has become clear to you and you would like to share the wisdom. But you should recognize that it’s easier for outsider to see your strong shell that protects you than realize how sensitive you actually are. Don’t let their strong reactions to hurt your feelings.


You friend are the ones who bring you most joy at this time. But you should be careful with your feelings. Small impulses could easily bring bitterness on the surface. If something irritates you, look at your past experiences instead of blaming others. It is difficult to steer your feelings, but the reactions you can control.


You are at your happiest when everything goes orderly and according to rules. Others may feel that your emphasis and safety is nitpicking. You should avoid letting the atmosphere get tenser, as there is not much you can do to control it. Besides, you have nothing to be afraid of, as it will be very easy for you to adjust.


You have a difficulty to decide whether you should go or should you stay. You get easily bored, but you should have more to base on your decision than your feelings at any given moment. Someone could blurt out something that you take as disparaging, but don’t let that provoke you into taking a hasty action.


If you meet someone who has born Taurus, don’t let happiness to pass you by, Your meeting has a deep meaning. Your grip of your everyday life has been missing for some time, and you should make some firm rules that you should follow. Although you prefer to be left alone, you could enjoy companionship if you take chance.


This time you should meet as many people as possible. Your aura is very attractive, and it’s easy for you to rally people behind your ideas. But you should take care to keep the decision making to yourself as your intuition is at its peak. Flirting with others is always a part of your life. Do not underestimate yourself.

18:02 21 Apr , 2024