Jan. 24 ~ 30


You know what you want, and you also have a good idea how you can go and get what you want. But big surprise, everyone else is not so impressed with your ideas. Many people around you are outright hostile. You have to be flexible and patient, although it at times can be very difficult.


Your relationship with someone who has been close to you has gone cold. You know the reason, but you are not sure how to resolve the situation. Among all the confusion you should keep in mind that your relationship is worth fighting for. You must be honest, even if communication proves to be difficult at times.


Your life is about to get some extra energy. You are determined and able to get results in your own way. However, you should remember that decisions you make have far-reaching consequences. You should use you natural charms, and not be too modest. But do not listen to all that gossip.


You can expect to travel on a roller coater this time, but at least your life is not boring. Sometimes it is better to go with the flow than try to change the way the life unfolds. You should educate yourself by reading or doing some mental exercises. Let other people to make the difficult decisions, and relax.


You are very optimistic at his time. You are planning big, but you should think if they are not outright unrealistic. You should share your ideas with your friends in order to better see their positive and negative sides. But if you are thinking about starting in a new field, this is just the right time.


Try to be open and share your dreams. It could be a shock for some, but other could see it as a relief. The most important thing is that you are able to express feelings that you have depressed for a long time. Some of your plans could be delayed but in the long run that will be for the better for everyone.


You have to be prepared to get some incredulous, and sometime outright hostile, looks for a decision you made recently. However, you should be happy with your decision, and opinions of others should not bother you. One result is a romantic relationship that is going to get deeper and more satisfying.


You should keep an open mind when looking at new ideas, and be honest with yourself. If you don’t want to do something, say so. Showing your feelings to others you pass the ball to their court. You can expect to have compliments from someone you didn’t expect, and that will really make you happy.


You have a strong desire to get rid of your everyday routines, and you are not the only one who feels anxious in the same way. Try to seek company of people who think similarly. At the same time you should concentrate on your work and finances more. You should make your decisions level headed and avoid daydreaming.


You should spend some time thinking what is it that really interests you. Think what would get your imagination fly, and then do your best to make it come true. The life is full of mysteries and questions, but oddly enough, you have the answers to all of them. But you have to want to have them first.


Do you feel that people around you misbehave, or deliberately give you a hard time. Don’t take it so personally as everyone has bad days. Because you are in good mood yourself, you should seek the company of positive people That will also result in difficult problems to feel much easier when you face them nest time.


There’s an opportunity you should not miss. You should grab it before someone else snatches it from under your nose. There is drama and action this weekend, but Lady Luck is on your side, if you know what you really want. Do not set limits for yourself but try to meet diverse people. That could be rewarding, indeed.

14:48 04 Mar , 2024