Live-in boyfriend fingered for Naha jewelry theft

Naha police arrested a 50-year-old self-styled artist from Tomari district of Naha City on Jan. 8, on a charge of theft.

Investigators say that Yoshihiro Ishioka stole jewelry, including rings, worth ¥710,000, from an unemployed 33-year-old woman between 2 a.m. on Sep. 1 and 2:50 p.m. on Sep. 9. The woman reportedly lived with Ishioka at that time.

According to the police, the woman lodged a damage report when she discovered that her jewelry had disappeared. Naha police combed through local pawn shops, and with their cooperation were able to find the stolen goods. The shop operators were then able to finger Ishioka as the customer who brought in the jewelry.

13:49 25 May , 2024