Naha Hotel closes after 46 years

The owners of Hotel Nikko in Matsuo district of Naha City, announced their final decision to close the hotel, Jan. 17. The hotel has been closed for business since Dec. 19 last year.

The owners had considered moving or rebuilding the hotel because a road in front of the hotel is scheduled for widening according to a new Okinawa Prefecture land rezoning plan, but the owners decided that neither option was feasible.

The management at Hotel Nikko had told of the possibility of closing the hotel a year ago to its 75 staff and executives, and gave everyone a severance pay of one year’s salary. The entire staff was dismissed at the end of last year.

Hotel Nikko was opened in 1966. According to the president of the hotel, Kiyomoto Hanashiro, the owners tried to secure a new land and building for the hotel, but could not find a location that would meet their criteria such as a location, scale and price forcing them to abandon the plan.

Hanashiro added that if they had rebuild the hotel at its present address, they would have had to reduce the hotel’s size because the land area would have been smaller, and the height of the building would have been restricted.

Hanashiro said “We haven’t been able to find a new location to rebuild, so we concluded that we cannot continue to run the hotel at the present location.”


13:52 25 May , 2024