This one almost got away

A black male calf being prepared for transshipment from Miyako Island to Kagoshima decided he wasn’t thrilled with the notion, so slipped from his container, evaded would-be rescuers for a while as they circled the port, then jumped into the ocean.

The 270kg calf, which had just had a bid of ¥450,000 ($5,175) placed on him, was evading the truck driver detailed to haul him.  The livestock breeder’s staff, port staff, police and firefighters all were summoned to the port, and all joined in the chase.

The wily calf was making progress on his would-be escape when a man who’d seen a calf captured on a television program suggested a basket-style container be lowered into the ocean to snag the calf.  It took about two hours, but the trick worked, and the calf’s moments of freedom came to an end as he was winched from the water and returned to his container.

14:44 29 May , 2024