Tomigusuku population passes 60,000 mark

Tomigusuku city population exceeded 60,000 as of the end of Dec. 2012, becoming the 6th largest city in Okinawa surpassing Itoman.

There are 11 cities in Okinawa Prefecture. The population of Tomigusuku city registered at 60,004 at the end of December 2012, with 29,568 men and 30,436 women. There are 20,2406 households in the city.

The city population stood at 50,652 in 2002 when then Tomigusuku Village bacame Tomigusuku City. 10 years later the number of residents has increased by almost 10,000. The main reason is the rapidly developing Toyosaki and Gibo areas where numerous shopping centers and new housing areas are increasing rapidly.

13:33 04 Mar , 2024