Whale watching season 2013 has arrived

With the Zamami Village Whale Watching Association confirming the spotting of a humpback  whale about 5 km off north northwest of Zamami Island at noon on Dec. 29th.

The spotting sprung association members immediately into action with three ferries that they had had at standby, taking groups of tourists to see the whale that seems to be a young 10-meter-long male. As the tour boats came nearby the whale delighted the visitors by swimming around, diving and then blowing into the air as it surfaced offering the applauding tourists plenty of photo opportunities.

The whale watching season will continue through mid-April, according to Association Director Kiyoshi Miyagi.

“We are expecting so much to see the whale family that were here as a baby and mother last year. Whale families have a habit to come back to the same ocean year after year, and we are looking forward to see this mother whale and her offspring sometime this season,” Miyagi said.

The Zamami Whale Watching Society is responsible for many tours running through March, the peak of the whale watching season. The Society bills the whole whale season as the Zamami Village Whale Watching Festival, with two tours daily departing Zamami Port to cruise the waters in search of the humpbacks. For more information, contact Zamami Village Tourist Information Center at Zamami Port Terminal building at (098) 987-2277. Marine Corps Community Services runs whale watching tours starting in early February, running through March.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZ7ZTAMG35HXKUTBCEGPTUJTLU Michelle

    Coinciding with Japan’s whale-hunting season, unfortunately….you know, for “research.”

13:41 25 May , 2024