Feb 21~27


A new era in your life has just started. You have to evaluate your achievements during the past year in order to be able to decide what are your goals for this year. Take you time, but be sure of yourself. Flexibility and determination are the two qualities that are in most demand at this moment. And then a good plan.


You have plenty of energy, and most of that is directed to tasks at home, which in turn delights those close to you. You may have to slow down at work in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes. You have to pay special attention to your next move regarding your love life, as the situation can change very quickly.


You are at the right place at the right time this weekend. Is does not pay to be too modest, but you should not make a nuisance of yourself either. If you are looking for a romance or a special kind o relationship, you should turn to your friends. They can help you to find good contacts, but you have to be open about yourself.


You should balance your hectic work schedule with spending quality time in a relaxing company. As the circle of your friends expands, some really interesting people will come forward. You have a tendency of getting too emotional when you try to change how things are going. You should take more rational approach.


You are now looking for something new and exciting for your life. An offhand comment by one of your friends could get your imagination running. Now is not a time to sit at home and wait for something to happen. You should take the reins in your own hands, and you’d be able to speed up your life considerably.


You have a good idea, but you have to collect all possible info on the facts before anything happens, or you can decide on anything. Your friends and family are the ones who can help, so you should toss your thoughts around with them. You can encourage your partner to be more romantic with your own example.


This is just the right time to concentrate on your love life and romance, and really think what you want from your future. If you are not happy with the way things are, and want a change, you have to take the initiative. You need courage and a clear vision, and you have that as long as you are honest with yourself.


Your tem at work is a bit stressed this week, and can really appreciate your encouragement even if that’s all you can do at this time. You should judge them on the merits of their abilities, and put less weight on their deficiencies. You should especially be careful not to step anybody’s toes, both at work and home.


Someone you met just recently could keep coming into your thoughts intermittently. There is romance in the air, so anything is possible. Enjoy, but remember that you could fall in love more with love itself than a person. You should keep in touch with those close to your as someone could really need your help.


You have to pay attention to your finances when you go out shopping at this time. Think carefully whether you need everything what you would like to buy. Maybe it would be a batter idea to concentrate on your love life and romance. That could be more fun and much friendlier to your wallet.


You have to be prepared to a confusing atmosphere at home, as some comments by your loved ones could really throw you off. However, try to keep you cool, and keep your feelings in check, and everything will be fine with a little time. You should look forward to some new developments with a positive attitude.


There could be some unexpected and sudden demands placed on you, but you have to take the time to consider them thoroughly. Especially, do not act on impulse. Finally someone is going to come forward with his or her true intentions and that will be a disappointment. Keep you cool and you’ll be all right.

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