And this week’s winner is…

Patrick McHugh won a pair of tickets to Ryukyu Golden Kings’ basketball match in last week’s raffle.

Patrick is originally from Boston, MA, and has lived on Okinawa a little over two and half years. He likes his life on the island so much that he claims that “I am never going to leave this island!”

One of his favorites here is Okinawa Soba. “That’s my absolutely favorite food, which I could eat every day,” he states, adding after a brief pause “I like King Tacos in Kin, too.”

His other favorites include the beautiful beaches and local people in general. “They are so nice and always ready to help,” he says.  In the future he would like to climb Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka, and also find some time to explore southern islands of Okinawa.

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16:40 27 Feb , 2024