Chinsukou Mini Museum opens on Kokusai Street

Arakaki Kashi-ten has opened “Chinsukou Museum Mini” on Kokusai Street in Naha City.

They aim to make the museum a strong landmark for promoting traditional Okinawan sweets of the Kingdom of Ryukyu, and other more recently created Okinawan sweets.

The museum displays a movie introducing the process chinsukou making, photo panels telling the history of Arakaki Chinsukou, and an exhibit of hinsukou molding flasks.

In order to develop new products, the museum is planned to be a place to sample and research by getting visitors to taste, and then checking and recording their reactions.

Arakaki Kashi-ten is also having an eye on creating new projects in cooperation with other companies to develop new products in the future.

The museum doubles as a tourism inquiry office, and there are pamphlets on leading fun spots on Kokusai Street.

In the future, the museum will have pamphlets available in English and Chinese, too.

23:20 22 Jul , 2024