Electric cycling to expand

If a company promoting the expansion of Electric Vehicle (EV) motorcycles in Okinawa, called “Terra Motors” has its way, quiet electric power is the way to keep Okinawa moving as it will start selling EV motorcycles in two stores of AEON Ryukyu this February.

The company plans to put electric tricycles for rent into tourist areas, and also push them to be used by tour companies and local governments instead of buses and taxis. Other promotions are also in the pipeline.

Terra Motors has concluded a business tie-up with a company, called “World Wide And Company” in November last year to storage and supply EV motorcycles and set up a maintenance service. The WW&Co. has been active in selling tools for vehicle repair and maintenance through the Internet and mail orders.

Terra Motors started marketing its products at some electrical appliance stores and Home Center Tabata from December.

22:17 20 Jul , 2024