February 4 was the first day of spring

Because of effects of a migratory anticyclone that extends out to the south of Japan, warm winds were blowing from southwest, so it was the first “summer day” of the year with more than 25 degrees centigrade in almost all of Okinawa on Sunday.

A temperature of 26.6 degrees, about 6 degrees higher than normal, was observed at 0:58 p.m. in Yonaguni, while Kumejima recorded 26.1 degrees at 1:49 p.m.

In addition, the highest temperatures of this year were recorded at 27 places in Okinawa except in Naha City.

A scene of children enjoying an evening cool on a beach was seen at Tropical Beach in Ginowan City.

The Okinawa Meteorological Observatory expects the higher than normal temperatures continue through Feb. 5, but forecasters say that the front will pass in the afternoon of Feb. 6, and the temperatures on Okinawa will return to the yearly average.

18:55 28 Feb , 2024