Feb. 7~13


Many inspiring conversations are in store for you this weekend, and the romantic atmosphere surrounding you make you prone to daydreaming thinking “What if…?” The question is, should you open up. It seems that you have very little to loose and everything to gain. Do not take a headache over this matter.


A romance or a deep friendship is coming to your rescue this weekend. Enjoy the company of those who are the dearest for you, and don’t hesitate to engage in deep conversations. You may find yourself wanting to divest your thoughts from the mundane, but as long as you keep your cool everything will be alright.


Pay special attention to your closest friends. Be ready to share your deepest emotions and feelings. As there are stress points at work, it is important to be able to relax at home. This weekend could be a memorable one if you invest a little extra ambition in it, and let your imagination fly free.


Make sure your finances are in a good shape, as there are some major expenses ahead. The challenge for you is to move ahead without wasting your money, but luckily you are up to the challenge, and even enjoy it. There could be a time ahead for some very important questions and answers concerning your love life.


Try to relax more in the evenings after a hard day’s work. In other words, don’t forget the balance. Some news are going to reach you that require an opinion from a specialist to sort out. You are planning to continue a romance from afar, you should first have a thorough discussion about it. Someone wants to feel special.


Next week is going to be busy so make sure you have some fun over the weekend. Never underestimate the value of relaxation and good company. If you are planning a trip, make sure that our schedule is flexible allowing you adjust up to the last minute. Someone new is going to enter your life soon.


You may yearn for some romantic excitement, but you have to let the situation develop by itself. If you are someone special in mind, a little encouragement could be in order. Even a long-time friendship could become stale if you don’t nourish it from time to time. Stay strong and remember optimists win.


Do you feel listless? A little shopping could be the trick. New relationships are also possible at this time. However, at your work there seems to be too many people who only complain, and there’s not much you can do about it. Just stay polite, and concentrate on your own projects.


Although you only would like to retire to a corner of your sofa and cuddle your pet, there’s an opportunity that requires you get out and make the best of it. You have to be understanding, and ready to cooperate. You can ask others to help you when needed, but you have to be careful with your timing.


It may be that you can’t do much for yourself at this time, but you can always do a good deed for someone else. With optimism and imagination you can find the right path ahead. Some new friendships will cheer you up, and make you feel better in general. Then you will see your problems in much better light.


Although this week is very busy, you should avoid taking risks. Behaving too briskly and using hard words could lead to a serious conflict, although the situation is bound to calm down rather quickly. People around you could be prickly, but you should be able to win them to your side by unconditionally giving them something.


There’s someone who has shown keen interest in your lately, and would now like to get to know you much better. This could be too fast for you. If you want to put on brakes on this, it is possible as long as you behave politely and be yourself. This should not pose any risks for the future as long as you are honest.

07:28 18 Jun , 2024